fabric shades aren't just cheap and flimsy



Designed with YOUR Safety in mind

Heavy-Duty JES Lamp Shades™ are...


Custom made in the United States using molded, high impact polystyrene.


Not flimsy, stainable, fire-catching and bacteria-trapping fabric.

Our use of the Vacuum Forming Process

allows us to make a lamp shade that out-shines the typical residential or hospitality-grade product

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Keep your facility Clean and Safe while eliminating constant/costly replacements with custom, Heavy-Duty JES Lamp Shades™


- Tamper-Resistant -

Perma-Lock™ Finial key-locks shade to lamp

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- Washable -

anti-bacterial / anti-microbial friendly, UV-resistant material

- Fire-Resistant -

meets UL #94 for self-extinguishing material

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Washable, Durable and Fire-resistant Lamp Shades