For Safety, Durability and Maintenance-Free, Low-Cost Operation

From the molded, crush-resistant JES shade - Washable, UV-resistant and Self-Extinguishing - secured with a Tamper-Lock finial, down to the optional Bolt-Down base, everything about a JES lamp is built to last.  And to be safer than any other lamp on the market.


Thoughtfully Engineered...

tilted harp w lines.png

18 gauge banded steel harp is permanently welded to lamp. Won't bend, break or be removed like standard harps.


Set screw locks finial and shade on lamp.  Can't be removed without special tool

Perma-Lock Finial

Allows Shade to be adjusted in any direction for specific lighting. Also maintains impact-resistance of lamp

Universal Swivel

Porcelain socket is UL listed up to 150-watts for maximum light. *No cardboard liner to ignite.

Safer Socket

LED bulb and main bulb controlled by 3-way rocker switch. easy and inexpensive to replace.

Convenient Night Light

Rugged double lacquer finish protects plated accents. Chip-resistant powder coat keeps that "new" look for years.

Lasting Finish

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*You won't believe this shade*


Made of high-impact molded polystyrene, the heavy-duty, crush-resistant JES Shade eliminates housekeeping issues and costly replacements. Shade is washable, UV-resistant and meets UL #94 for Self-Extinguishing material. Available in micro pleat design or smooth surface.

Bdown layout.JPG

Combine that with the optional Night Light, Convenience Outlet and standard ADA Rocker Switch near the base (not the hard-to-turn & hard-to-reach under shade switch), and you have features that every resident appreciates.

*Standard with every lamp*


*Every JES lamp is provided with a heavy-duty SJT power cord with extra insulation and a grounded 3-prong plug for added security and safety

And the optional Hospital-Grade Plug and Memory Care bulb cover are specifically designed for facilities and residents that require extra safety measures.

*Easy to clean and practically maintenance free*


Valuable time-and-money savers for your Housekeeping and Facilities departments

Plus, with your choice of shades, finishes and options, you can customize the look to compliment your existing interiors OR include them into plans for your new construction or renovation.


Serving the Multi-Housing Market in all 50 States and Beyond